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Thank you for joining us in this effort! Below you can find complete directions and FAQ's. Please do not hesitate to send us a message if you need further assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this mask be washable?

A: Yes. This mask is machine washable, even with the wire.

Q: What wire should I use?

A: Aluminum craft or floral wire works well. 18 gauge weathers the washing the best for adults, 20 is more comfortable for children. Insulated or non-insulated electrical copper wire will also work. 

Q: Which fabric is best?

A: We have found that the most readily available material that offers the best filtration is cotton fabric, like the kind used for quilting.  There are other fabrics to try, we are not the experts, only sharing what we have found to be the best of what's accessible to most people. 

Q: How much protection does this offer?

A: The dual-layer cotton mask, when worn properly and laundered properly, theoretically offers about 80% protection from particles and higher for large droplets. Remember: you are wearing a mask to keep your fluids in, not to stop you from breathing in microparticles floating in the air. A damp mask becomes less effective the wetter it is.

Q: How should I wear my mask?

A: Your mask should be treated like underwear. Wash them every day and assume they're dirty when you take them off- handle with care. I recommend making four or five masks so you can cycle them. Ideally, you're shopping maybe once or twice a week and you put your mask on when you leave your front door. Wear it the whole time, don't touch your face, and take it off when you return. If you are still working maybe swap masks at lunchtime. 

Q: How do I know if my mask fits?

A: Your mask should fit snugly to your face, even a bit tight on the cheeks. The wire is to be snug to the face. The bottom should cup the chin and the sides need to be close to your ears. Straps over top of the head and behind the neck. If you breathe in fresh, cool air you've got a gap somewhere.

Q: Can I bleach my mask?

A: Yes! Using non-chlorine bleach will work. 


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