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As a group of friends who run a local small business, we've built this movement in an effort to help keep SLO County community members as safe as possible through science and common sense based acts of service.

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As a note: any bullying or fear-mongering will be banned from our social media.

Please be kind and help one another, We're all in this together.


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A Note About Our Efforts

We are working to get ahead of virus and disease transmission in our community and to lessen the demand for materials that front-line medical staff rely on each day as they are at constant risk of repeated exposure.


The face masks we are making are, first and foremost, being used to protect those in need in our community at this time - senior centers and smaller medical facilities, and service people such as grocery workers, or restaurant staff, and most importantly those who are at risk or ill when they have no or limited access to the hospital provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 


While the hospitals can catch cases one at a time and work backward to contain transmission, we (with the help of a medical team, research people, and industry professionals) are going to help come at things from the other side, too. 


In situations where PPE supplies have run low or out completely, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other groups recommend something as basic as a bandana for helping cut down on transmission. In case we get to that level, or even the step before where masks are so limited that reuse is required, our masks are designed with a pocket that can hold a full surgical mask, and straps that leave the ears free for a surgical mask to be worn simultaneously. The materials we have chosen are also able to withstand the sanitizing practices at our local hospitals should the need for them to serve our front-line hospital medical staff arise.


Worn properly (tight to the face, across the nose and covering the chin and sterilized) we calculate** one of our fabric masks alone - no filter and no extra layers, would help cut down on transmission by 75-85%. If we can reduce the strain on our local hospitals by anything near that number, our community stands a chance of weathering this unprecedented time without needing to resort to dire measures.


As you work to make these masks, please remember to make one for yourself and your household. Masks can seem alarmist and ridiculous to some, but if we could get everyone to wear one by normalizing them, we would find success.


A Word on Filters

At this time we are working diligently, alongside many people around the world, to come up with alternative filtration materials. The masks we are making are “future-proof” in that the pockets can easily be modified to fit filtration media and the shape and wearing style enables most filters to be worn in tandem.


We appreciate all that you have done and all you are doing to help our community.


Yours in Service,


Brooke-Ashley Pool and the Staff and Directors of SLO MakerSpace, Inc.


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